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Nonton Film Terimakasih Cinta (2019) Full Movie Subtitle Indonesia

Terimakasih Cinta (2019) Full Movie

Genre: Drama
Year: Duration: 101 MinView: 547 views
Film Terimakasih Cinta (2019) Full Movie

Eva just enters high school when she meets Ryan, because both belong to a group of student who have a disease during the School Orientation Period. Ryan thinks that Eva is just pretending to be sick like him. An incident makes Ryan take Eva to the hospital and has to be treated. Lupus is the doctor’s diagnosis of Eva’s disease after a series of tests. Sugiarti and Badarudin, Eva’s parents, hesitate to tell Eva about her illness. Her roommate, Dewi, a patient with pancreatic cancer, makes a beautiful friendship. Eva continues to wait for Ryan who does not come again because he is banned by his parents. Dewi also always awaits the presence of her brother, Nanan, who always comes at night when Dewi falls asleep, Nanan is unable to see Dewi suffer. Dewi is devastated when Dewi leaves and Ryan ends their relationship. The same feeling of loss makes Eva and Nanan close.

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Tagline: Karena Cinta Tak Hanya Diucapkan
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Language: Bahasa indonesia

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